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SOUTH AMERICAN FEATHER PALMSI'm a title. Click here to edit me

South America has a family of feather palms, some of them are cold and wet hardy enough for the NW climate zone. The hardiest of these is probably the Chilean Wine Palm. Most of the South American feather palms can be cross pollinated and sometimes the cross of two of the species allows the stronger of the attributes of each palm to be present in the plant. PalmScape handles the hardiest of these species and crosses but most of the crosses are new to cultivation and the true hardiness is not yet known.

A few examples of South American feather palms are:

*Syagrus Romanzoffiana (Queen Palm)
*Butia Capitata  (Pindo, Jelly Palm)
*Parajubaea (Bolivian Mountain Coconut Palm)
*Jubaea Chilensis (Chilean Wine Palm)
There are several crosses of these species in cultivation. PalmScape has crosses available in a queen crossed with Pindo (Mules Palm) and Jubaea Chilensis crossed with Butia Capitata.


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