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Chamarops Humilis

The Chamarops Humilis family of palms are Native to the Land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The most common of these are the Mediterranean Fan Palm. 

The Mediterranean Fan Palm is an exquisite looking muti trunking palm and there is an incredible amount of variation within the species. It is hard to find two that look alike. The green hue in its frond is the perfect color (when healthy). 

These are a very cold hardy palm and can take water as well but they don't grow as well as the Windmill family of palms in the NW. They will survive given the right planting culture and seed source.

PalmScape stocks the Mediterranean Fan Palm but only sells mature ones as they grow slow here and our philosophy on the issue is to plant one that you like the look of already so that you don't have to wait to enjoy it. They will likely survive a long cold snap with some size to it as well.


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